41 Elm Street
West Newfield, Maine 04095
(207) 793-4462

The mission of MedHelp Maine, a 501(c)(3) non-profit established in 2000, is to enhance Mainers' access to unaffordable prescription medicines.

MedHelp Maine is a prescription assistance program development consultant/facilitator. It provides neither medicines nor money for them. Other than perhaps during new program start-up, it does not itself manage prescription assistance programs. There are no "MedHelp Maine programs."

Instead, at no charge to patients, physicians, or institutions, it guides development of hospital-managed prescription assistance programs to which all medical staff members can refer their patients. While these patients are usually uninsured and have low incomes, patients with Medicare or private insurance or those with greater incomes but high medical expenses can also sometimes be helped.

After evaluating each patient's list of medicines and financial and other circumstances, prescription assistance program coordinators identify the best sources of free or low-cost drugs and then manage the access process on behalf of both patient and prescriber. While coordinators might sometimes suggest possible options for immediate access to needed drugs, they customarily obtain those medicines needed for long-term control of chronic diseases, a process that often takes a month or more.

To encourage use of best practices, MedHelp Maine leads networking among existing programs. It regularly shares timely and relevant information with prescription assistance coordinators throughout Maine.

A Maine 2-1-1 medication access resource, MedHelp Maine can often identify the most appropriate hospital program or other source of help for physician or patient callers.